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I give credit to On The Premises for this week’s challenge. They’re running a contest, free to enter and free to become a member. When I wrote them, asking their permission to make this contest my Wednesday challenge, they seemed pleased, but they have strict rules. I’ve quoted their response below. If you enter this contest, IT IS CRITICAL THAT YOU READ THEIR RESPONSE AND STRICTLY COMPLY WITH THEIR RULES. After all, there are cash prizes. The prompt is:

Write a story between 20 and 40 words long in which the story’s first word is exactly the same as its last word. Furthermore, that particular word cannot be used anywhere else in the story.

Try not to make a character’s name the first and last word. They’ll allow it, but they think it’s too easy, so you’ll lose points for creativity.

You may post as many as you want for WWE, and they don’t necessarily have to be 20 to 40 words (you guys are noted for breaking my rules), but if you wish to enter the On The Premises contest, your story must be within that word limitation. Plus, you’ll need to read their rules. They’re accepting only one entry per author. You’ll find their contest at https://onthepremises.submittable.com/submit


It would be an honor!

Please be *really* clear, though, that anyone who enters the OTP mini-contest needs to limit themselves to:

1) one entry per author, and
2) 20 to 40 words.

Also, I’d appreciate it if you suggested they subscribe to our (free, short, monthly) newsletter, which is where we advertise our contests. We have short story contests every four months, and mini-contest every four months (in the middle of the main contests).

The link to subscribe to our newsletter is below, so you can include it in your message.


Please email me when your post is up. I’ll talk about Gather Writing Essentials in the next newsletter to let people know we partnered this way.


Tarl Kudrick
co-publisher of “On The Premises” magazine


BTW, I really enjoy their newsletter.

The Rules:

Keep in mind, this is a monitored group and there are only a couple of rules, which are:

Make sure you put this (WWE, 8/14/13, OTP Mini-contest 21) in your title.

Be sure to tag it with WWE, Gather Writing Essentials, OTP Mini-contest 21. Post to Gather Writing Essential.

I ask that you make your submission(s) by next Tuesday afternoon, but if you’re late, just give me the link.

There is a limit of three submissions from each member per day. If you’re extremely prolific, spread out your work and post only three submissions per day.

Most important:

Put this challenge statement at the beginning or end of your submission so readers will know what you’re supposed to do and won’t think you’re crazy.

Challenge: Write a story between 20 and 40 words long in which the story’s first word is exactly the same as its last word. Furthermore, that particular word cannot be used anywhere else in the story.

Try not to make a character’s name the first and last word.


BELOW ARE RESPONSES TO PRIOR CHALLENGES – CHECK THEM OUT.  Please let me know if I missed anyone’s post and I’ll get it linked for next week.

I gave up on trying to create easy links. I’ve been at this for an hour and Gather keeps sending it to cyper-space. I think if you click on the address 3 times (don’t forget Toto), you can open it in a new window.

Beauty and the Beast

The Beast Within, by Heather – child of God, C.


When Without does not Equal Within, by Sharon P.


I Suspect, Given Choice, He’d Have Opted For Ugly, by jay o


Beastly Behavior, by Patrick M.


Beasts, by Richard Thuss


Scorpios Like Scorpions Get their Fancy, by Elsie Duggan


Scams—Lots of scams going down below.

Buggers too my Hotmail!, by Buzzsparks D.





And don’t forget Connie C.’s updates.


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