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I sit at a keyboard. I wait. Then it comes out. It usually does happen just that way. The muse, inner id, or whatever you want to call Sharle, bites me.

Sometimes she bites hard. The original House from Hell, now in purdeau, some spam (?)  came out in one day. Other times it’s an oh by the way, and you get it in pieces like the last one. It’s not coming very fast.

I started writing very young. Cannot recall a time when I was not scribbling. My earliest stories were pretty simple. The Grandparent’s Farm series grew out of those. Never really more than disjointed mental notes till I joined Gather.

The Void Series (Sharle’s), came from watching Star Trek’s voyages around the galaxy.

The Glamouria Series (Shana) came from watching the original Dark Shadow’s. Somehow it got transported to another  – Dream – reality.  And the vampire became a hero instead of a villian.

House from Hell came from memories of the house in Arkansas. It had a horrible well full of water tasting of soapstone and iron, an outhouse, very few electric outlets, and was forty miles from Fort Smith.

But I liked the people, and my furry neighbors. Ebony Bast came from a feral cat who showed up to mouse my shed and woodpile. Buck was the wonderful old horse I had there.

That’s how my stories evolve. The poetry just comes out.

Sharon Pribble

1,15,14, WWE, WeWe, Explain Why I Write with a Pen. Keyboard; Stream of Consciousness

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