WWE Wrestlemania 2012 Results – Review of Full PPV Matches

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Now that the WWE Wrestlemania 2012 results have been decided, it’s time to review all of the happenings during the latest Pay-Per-View event. Was the latest pro-wrestling event able to live up to the hype, or did it fail to deliver?

Out of all Wrestlemania 28 results, most fans across social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are in agreement that one match stole the show. That was easily the “Hell in a Cell” match involving Triple H vs. Undertaker. Taker won yet again to go 20-0, and while nobody was thrown from off the top of the cell, both guys put it all out there. Keep in mind these guys are older than the rest of the wrestlers on the WM28 card too. The disappointment here is that fans might not see any of the three individuals from the match – Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, or Triple H, in a wrestling ring aside from speeches or acting as referees.

Speaking of disappointment, fans were likely disappointed by John Cena vs. The Rock. This match had been hyped for a full year, and that’s the problem. Too much to build up something that just couldn’t deliver. It’s always been noted that Cena’s a top-notch performer for the company with plenty of fans, but his moves are limited. The Rock seemed a bit rusty as he’s been away from the ring. Many believe this was simply a big hype machine for Rock’s upcoming “GI Joe” film, and it’s hard to disagree when there was a movie trailer shown during the Pay-Per-View.

Team Johnny was triumphant over Team Teddy, thanks to the treacherous Eve Torres helping to distract Zack Ryder. The Miz got the big win with his Skullcrushing Finale, so he’ll be bragging about that for weeks. Meanwhile, John Laurinaitis now gets to run rampant over Raw and Smackdown as the two GM of both shows. It will be interesting to see if Eve moves into some sort of role as a heel diva assistant to Laurinaitis. Otherwise, this story is much like many stories of the past where the evil person controls a show, or both shows. Think Mr. McMahon, and Vickie Guerrero, as both have been in the same spot as JL will now be in, acting as the evil person in charge.

Two title changes happened at Mania, with Sheamus defeating Daniel Bryan, and Big Show defeating Cody Rhodes. Many fans were likely disappointed to see an 18-second long match between Sheamus and Bryan over a major championship. Sure, it gives the commentators a historic Mania fact to talk about with a quick win, but makes Bryan look a lot weaker by losing in that fashion. As for Rhodes, he can rebound from this loss. Does Big Show really need the Intercontinental Title though?

For the second best match of the card, it would probably have to go to Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship. There were some good spots in that contest, with Punk ultimately able to make Jericho tap to the Anaconda Vice. Both guys made good use of their finishers and submission holds, with some great counters and reversals. Jericho also landed an impressive suplex on Punk from the apron to the outside floor. Kudos on that performance.

Overall, there were some nice spots during WWE Wrestlemania 2012 results, but no major surprises. Maria Menounous gets kudos for showing up and performing despite reports of lingering injuries, and her role as a “DWTS” competitor. By the way, there had been rumors of possible interference or appearances by Brock Lesnar and/or Batista. WWE was unable to secure either for the event. Instead, fans were treated to a surprise visit from Brodus Clay’s “momma” and her dancing Bridge club. It was an interesting choice of filler right before the main event took place.

Of course Mania brings a variety of questions now including what will happen with John Laurinaitis now as GM of both shows? Will Kane and Orton’s feud be over, or is there more from them? What will Cena’s next match be, or is he headed off for a movie role? Was this the last time that fans will see Undertaker, Triple H, and The Rock in a WWE ring as wrestlers? Stay tuned as WWE creative has their work cut out for them to bump up interest in the product again after this latest Pay-Per-View event.

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