WWE Wrestlemania 2012 Results: Torrie Wilson’s Boyfriend Alex Rodriguez Meets John Cena

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The WWE Wrestlemania 2012 results may be in the history books, but a new story has developed regarding former diva Torrie Wilson and boyfriend Alex Rodriguez. The couple attended WM28, and apparently A-Rod was starstruck after meeting John Cena.

Among this year’s Wrestlemania 2012 results was the main event battle which saw John Cena hit by a “Rock Bottom” and pinned by his foe. However, prior to that, one baseball star was impressed with the superstar, John Cena. A report from The Post Game blog says that A-Rod was “in awe after meeting his wrestling hero.” Apparently, Rodriguez got the benefits of being with a former WWE diva, which included getting a backstage tour at the Miami arena and meeting John Cena as he headed to the ring. That happened right before Cena’s epic match against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Rodriguez, who stars with the New York Yankees, was starstruck by Cena as NY Post said he had a “look of pure joy on his face” as John greeted him and Torrie. It’s also been reported that Cena, a Massachusetts native, wore special Derek Jeter Nike’s for his big match against The Rock. It might have been smarter to represent the Red Sox somehow, because Cena was cursed and lost the match to the superior Rock.

However, A-Rod seemed to have a good weekend including a BBQ lunch with a handful of Yankees pals on Saturday. The visit was to check out Rodriguez’s brand new mansion, situated in Miami. So in all, Rodriguez got a fun-filled weekend, capped off by a front row seat for the Wrestlemania 28 results and an official ringside meeting with one of WWE’s biggest stars!

Maybe Alex Rodriguez will host an episode of WWE Raw in the future, or get involved in a match? Hey, if Maria Menounos, Shaq, and Mike Tyson can, so can A-Rod!

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