WWE Wrestlemania 2012 Results: Who Won John Cena vs. The Rock Match?

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The WWE Wrestlemania 2012 results have now concluded with the biggest match of them all as the main event. In the final bout of the televised Pay-Per-View, it was John Cena vs. The Rock. Which iconic superstar won the contest, though?

Surprisingly, the Wrestlemania 28 results saw a longer battle take place earlier during the event with Triple H vs. The Undertaker. However, the match was longer only by a matter of seconds. There was more sportsmanship and respect shown in the first battle, while the second was for complete bragging rights, with no handshakes or hugs. In both matches, a variety of finishers were seen, with only one getting the final, decisive victory for the match.

For John Cena vs. The Rock match results, there were Attitude Adjustments, the “Five Knuckle Shuffle,” the Rock Bottom, the STF, the Sharpshooter, and the People’s Elbow. However, it was Cena trying to mock Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson that ultimately did him in for the match. In front of the Miami crowd, Cena went for “the People’s Elbow,” tossing his arm band to the crowd and attempting to run the ropes. The Rock jumped up off the mat and grabbed Cena to deliver a final Rock Bottom, planting him flat on the mat for a pinfall. Match over.

That sent Rock’s hometown crowd into a frenzy as fireworks shot off above the arena. Cena looked dejected as he sat on the ramp, while Rock celebrated inside the ring. In the end, the People got their favorite wrestler back for another night, and saw that he still has what it takes to be called “The Great One.” Quite possibly this was a way for WWE to further distance themselves from another icon, Hulk Hogan. However, it made for an exciting match with hype a year in the making. One only has to wonder whether Rock will ever return to the ring again, or if this was his last hoorah?

What did you think of the Wrestlemania results for John Cena vs. The Rock? Did the right wrestler get the victory, or was it a bad decision?

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