WWE Wrestlemania 28 Results: Highlights Video for The Rock vs. John Cena Now Online

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The WWE Wrestlemania 28 results have now given way to YouTube videos of highlights from The Rock vs. John Cena 2012 match. The big main event took place Sunday in Miami, Florida, and say Dwayne Johnson reign supreme over Cena by pinfall.

With Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE just a day later, Cena now has his hands full with yet another major wrestling star. However, that was the aftermath of his match with The Rock. In the WM28 matchup, Cena and Rock both put it all on the line. In fact there were many fans who believed JC was going to come out victorious. There were others ready to riot if he did.

The YouTube video clip below shows some of the spots from Sunday’s final match at the 2012 edition of Wrestlemania. It included Cena beating up Rock outside the ring, and both wrestlers putting on submission maneuvers. Cena’s STF nearly made The Rock pass out, but he found the will to keep competing, months after his previous match. At one point, Rock hit his People’s Elbow, and at another Cena hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Other highlights show Cena’s display of power as he rolls through a pinfall attempt and stands up with Rock to do the Attitude Adjustment.

The final moments of the highlight video show Cena try to mock The Rock by doing The People’s Elbow. This is where Cena’s cockiness got the best of him and allowed The Rock to take advantage. Another Rock Bottom finishing maneuver was the final move needed to defeat Cena.

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