WWE WrestleMania 29 Results: Who Won the John Cena vs. The Rock Championship Match?

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The WWE WrestleMania 29 results are in, with John Cena vs. The Rock among the main event matches from this year’s huge pro wrestling event. In the main event, it was the WWE Championship on the line, as The Rock returned from Hollywood to put the title up for grabs against John Cena. Did John Cena finally get the big win he needed for his career, or did The Rock once again prevail?

According to tonight’s WrestleMania results, John Cena and The Rock once again put it all on the line as they went at one another in the ring. In this matchup, both men used their full arsenal of moves, including each other’s moves as well. There were Rock Bottoms, Attitude Adjustments, People’s Elbows, Five Knuckle Shuffles and submission holds. Cena taunted Rock multiple times during the matchup, and even baited him by pretending to attempt a People’s Elbow again. This time around, Cena stopped himself against the ropes, then drew in Rock for a move. After ducking the move, Cena went for the finish, but Rock was ready with his Rock Bottom. However, Cena was able to kick out.

In the end though, there was one too many Attitude Adjustments for The Rock to escape from. Cena dodged a Rock Bottom attempt and quickly hit Rock with Attitude Adjustment to finally collect the pinfall win. The great part of the match was there was no cheapshots or referees being knocked out, no interference from The Shield, and no cheap win. It was cleanly done, and the post-match show of respect between the two competitors may not have pleased the anti-Cena members of the WWE Universe, but it showed a bit of a passing of the torch from Rock to Cena.

However, one has to wonder now with Cena winning one match and Rock winning the previous, what about the rubberneck match? Will these two meet up for yet another match? Will Rock decide he’s done wrestling and go back to Hollywood, or will he want to finish business in this 1-1 tie between he and Cena? After all, he does get a rematch for the WWE Championship, so it should be interesting to see if he claims it!

What do you think of John Cena winning the WWE Championship for the 11th time? Was this the best match of WrestleMania 29?

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