WWE/ yesyes, 1,29,14; Compostion Flow Challenge, Darkened Room

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In a darkened room I sit. I seem to be totally alone. There is a soft, background hum. I can barely hear it. I have no idea where I am.

I can see nothing. Strangely, the darkness is comforting to me. I keep expecting the light. It does not come. I stand slowly and reach out. Nothing.

I am becoming puzzled. There is nothing to see, or feel but the soft object I had been seated upon, and that annoying hum.

I am no longer comforted. That constant hum irritates me. I walk foreward and suddenly bump into a wall. I feel my way along the wall to the right. It feels foolish to do this.

I find a doorknob. It turns. The door opens easily.

I find myself in a hallway. It is lit by dim smoky torches. I am only able to go one way. I am at the blank wall of a dead end. Going foreward brings me to an open doorway. I look out into what seems to be a very busy street.

The cars roar past. They are the source of the hum. None stop. They just pass me. I get a shock. Unnoticed by me, the doorway has vanished. I look to my right, then to my left. There are no buildings, and no pedestrians.  I am totally alone with this endless traffic of empty cars.


Sharon Pribble

11,29,14/ WWE yesyes, Composition Challenge, Darkened Room


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