Wynonna Judd Drops 60 lbs – Weight-Loss in 2010 Leads to New Relationship, Outlook

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Wynonna Judd has dropped a staggering 60 lbs.  The country crooner on “Oprah” yesterday, revealed her drastic weight-loss, new relationship, and “walking through the wilderness”. Wynonna Judd aka Christina Claire Ciminella, looks great 60 lbs later.

Wynonna Ellen Judd, 46, has struggled with weight long before dropping 60 lbs.  The Grammy Award-winning country crooner has not only battled the bulge, but low self-esteem as well. Surprisingly, she does not mention her being a spokesperson for “Alli” as having anything to do with her weight loss of 60 lbs, according to a report from USA Today.

Just how did Wynonna Judd lose the weight?

June 10, 2010 - Nashville, TN - Wynonna Judd. The Judds held a press conference during the CMA Music Festival to announce their Final encore Tour making 18 stops later this year. Photo credit: Dan Harr/Admedia

During her time on “Oprah”, Christina Claire Ciminella opened up about the pitfalls of gaining weight, conforming to a body image or type, depression, and relationships. She said that she encountered more than her on-going battle with weight loss.  But, in the end, Wynonna Judd lost 60 lbs by the grace of Heavenly Father.

“I went to hell and back, I can be a victim or a victor,” said Wynonna Judd on her weight loss.  Empowered with that, she adopted a program of exercise that is symbolic of her new found life and relationship with God and faith.  “I started walking in the wildnerness screaming at God, ‘Why?’ I call it my meditative walk.”

Wynonna Judd on weight-loss and her new relationship

After remaining consistent with her weight-loss goals, Wynonna Judd realized that losing 60 lbs was just the first hurdle.  She now had to take a look at the whole picture, to include a new relationship.  That’s when the country singer discovered more than shedding pounds and inches.

Wynonna Judd mentions that her life felt sabotaged by her husband’s arrest and conviction in 2007.  It was a tough time for her, as she felt betrayed.  She sank into a life of low self-esteem, turned to eating for healing, and obsessed on the fact that she was getting older.  But her devotion to Heavenly Father got her through the weight loss, but not without a few tough questions, according to Wynonna Judd.

Losing weight and gaining a new outlook

The award-winning country singer says that she is in a new relationship and feels “alive.  Oprah asked her about her status with men and was she dating?  “Hell, yea.  I’m not going to say anymore about it.  Le’ts just say I have a pep in my step. … And when I’m ready to talk about it, I’m telling Gayle, ‘I’m not telling you!” Wynonna Judd said.

Wynonna Judd’s mother, Naomi Judd, who rounds out their singing group, “The Judds“, joined her daughter and Oprah in a girl-to-girl therapeutic chat.  Wynonna is quick to credit Naomi Judd with helping her through her bouts with weight loss.  Now, 60 lbs later, Wynonna Judd has a lot to be happy with:  her weight loss, new outlook on life, new music, songs, caring mother in Naomi Judd, and a new-found relationship.

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