‘X Factor’ 2012 USA Premiere Recap: Britney Spears Brings on Tears on Sept. 12

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On X Factor USA for the premiere episode, Britney Spears was one of the new girls on the panel as she sat alongside Demi Lovato, the other chick to debut on the hit show.

Indeed, these former Disney stars who have been up and down and all around show business for a long time now were big assets to the show as the seats formerly held by Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger were filled by these Hollywood veterans and accomplished singers.

In particular, Brit was on her game, taking her job very seriously as she was constructive in her criticism but not at all easy on her victims, um, the contestants who were auditioning in Austin and in San Francisco on Wednesday.

One such contestant was a man named Don Philip who Spears was shocked to see on stage. It seems she knew this artist a decade ago when the two collaborated on some musical efforts.

Sadly, Don had given up on his career as an artist, and explained that fact to the judges. He admitted that he thought he would never see Britney again. But there he was, right in front of her. And that’s when he burst into tears. Apparently, he was overcome by the concept of running into the big star once again.

After he calmed down, Philip performed the Beyoncé hit, Halo. He delivered the tune in a soothing voice, but he was a bit off-key and did not exude any charisma whatsoever, thus making the discerning show’s arbiters a bit uneasy as the four delivered their verdict about whether Don would go on in the competition or if he would stop competing right then and there.

Simon Cowell didn’t mince words when he told Don Philips that he just doesn’t have a good enough singing voice for the chance to grab the $5 million recording contract that the winner will get.

Crushed, the stunned man look straight at Spears, hoping for a bit of support from his old buddy. However, as previously mentioned, Brit was very professional in her assessment of her estranged friend, saying he just didn’t meet “X Factor standards.”

And so Don was whisked off the stage to cry again. This time his tears were that of embarrassment as he uttered through his tears that he thought he had hurt Brit by not doing her proud.

Still, the show called The X Factor in its premiere episode went on and as it did, Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, LA Reid, and Demi Lovato hated some acts and loved some others as this motley quartet of judges launched into a new season of the hit show on Fox. Stay tuned for more auditions on Thursday on Fox.

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