X Factor Judges’ Homes Are Fakes

This week, the X Factor judges supposedly took candidates for the show to their homes for another audition round. However, as it turns out, the houses used don’t really belong to the judges at all. They’re fakes.

Simon Cowell doesn’t have a home in Miami. His is in Beverly Hills. The home appearing on air actually belongs to baseball’s Alex Rodriquez. He put it on the market late this summer. Supposedly, it still is up for sale.

The Malibu home claimed as Britney’s pad is not, in fact, her home either. As of now, no one seems certain who that estate actually belongs to. What is known, however, is that Britney’s home is in Calabasas, not Malibu.

There’s no confirmation whether Demi’s and L.A.’s homes were also fakes. However, it makes sense that they could be. Chances seem pretty good that none of the judges wanted their real homes plastered all over the national airwaves.

So why all the lies? They could have just as easily invited the contestants to their rented or borrowed homes. Who would really care? Those people aren’t there to catch a glimpse of how the judges live. They are there for a chance at a career and their own stardom. Therefore, faking the judges’ residences is just childish and stupid. And X Factor wonders why they can’t compete with The Voice. It’s called “truth in advertising”.

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