‘X Factor’ Judges Walk Out On Kansas Auditions

All four X Factor judges — L.A. Reid, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Louis Walsh walked out during Kansas City auditions. Here’s why.

Apparently, the Kansas City auditions weren’t going that well to begin with. However, the judges had enough after one singer turned his back to them while he auditioned.

Oddly, the contestant didn’t even notice their absence. How could he with his back turned the other way? But witnesses of the awkward audition said it was bad from beginning to end.

“You could tell the judges were done,” said one person who saw the audition. “They didn’t want to waste their time.”

Rumor has the judges returned to their seats, minus Britney, after the ill-fated audition. Where Spears disappeared to is anyone’s guess. She walked off the stage during the very first day of auditions too.

Other rumors say that Brit and Demi aren’t getting along. If that proves out, will Simon Cowell be forced to make another judge change at the end of the season? That could send fans of the show into a real tizzy given all the hoopla caused by this year’s judging changes.

X Factor is losing its edge pretty quickly it seems. Given that the show never lived up the all of Simon Cowell’s hype, any more snafus could end up spelling its demise.

What do you think of the judges walking out during an audition? Is it okay or do two sets of bad manners cancel each other out?

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