‘X Factor’ USA 2012 Recap: Meet Panda Ross

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The X Factor USA is such a dream show for participants that some singers will go to great lengths to audition for this popular TV talent program. Very great lengths. Take Panda Ross, for instance.

This robust woman sprung herself from the hospital where she was being treated for pneumonia in order to get in front of the judges to sing. When asked her name, and after admitting that Panda is, in fact, her given name, the arbiters on the panel wanted more information. So the forthright female who was auditioning during this lifetime opportunity told the truth: That her mom was in jail when she had her, and when she and a cell mate talked about names, the two, one white woman and one black woman, decided Panda was the perfect moniker.

And Panda Ross turns out to be the perfect singer as well. She is also a flirt. The 42-year-old mother of two has a crush on Simon Cowell and didn’t have any problem letting the mean guy know that. She even told Cowell she wanted him to be her baby daddy.

She may not earn that title, but she could gain the title of X Factor winner if she keeps up what she did last night: Sing in a way that had everyone ends up in awe. In fact, after her performance came to an end, LA Reid deemed her voice that of a legend. Now how about that?

What happened next was sad: Panda was so winded and congested after her big audition that she was carted off to the hospital in a gurney. But she wasn’t worried about getting well. She was worried about Simon seeing her in this condition and she was worried that the powers that be would think she isn’t strong enough to compete on the hit Fox show.

With that said, what do you think about this big, beautiful woman with the booming voice that reaches way into the lower registers? Can she go on to possibly take the title on X Factor USA 2012? Do you want to see that happen? Please weigh in.

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