‘X Factor’ USA – Melanie Amaro Nails Michael Jackson Week with ‘Earth Song’

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Last up on X Factor USA, Melanie Amaro took the Michael Jackson hit Earth Song and ran with it. She was, quite simple, amazing. Her 11/30/11 performance may have just won this girl the TV talent show competition, that is if her MJ week performance is any indication.

This X Factor contestant is full of tricks. Last week, Melanie Amaro slipped out of her typical American accent and began speaking in a British Virgin Islands accent (see review here). Surprisingly, that change seems to have freed this songstress from any hangups she previously suffered. From then on, she began to shine.

In fact, by the end of Earth Song, the audience was so enthralled that the clapping nearly overshadowed the singing. Nearly. Melanie Amaro possesses such a strong voice that she ultimately can out sing any audience, no matter how loud and how appreciative.

And this one on the X Factor was with her all the way. Indeed, everyone–including Michael Jackson’s mother and kids Paris, Prince and Blanket Jackson, all of whom were sitting in the front row–stood up to salute Melanie Amaro as she saluted The King of Pop by doing him proud of the small screen’s X Factor tribute stage.

Not only the audience but the judges, too, loved Amaro.

LA Reid simply raved after Melanie sang, “For a second I thought that we were at a Melanie Amaro concert.” He called her the best singer of the night.

As for X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, she went Reid one further by stating that Earth Song was one of the best tunes performed on the USA version of the British show so far. Then she commented, while smiling with her eyes shining, “If that song doesn’t save a small country somewhere, I don’t know what will.”

Simon Cowell, who mentors Melanie Amaro, was overjoyed that his girl who had the money spot on X Factor last night was able to salute Michael Jackson in such a fitting way. He told the 19-year-old, “I couldn’t think of a better way to pay tribute to one of the greatest artists in the world.”

Do you agree? Do you think X Factor USA contender Melanie Amaro nailed Michael Jackson week on 11/30/11 with Earth Song? Do you think she can win the competition which means a whopping five million bucks? Thoughts? Thanks.

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