‘X Factor’ USA Recap – Drew Rynieswicz Appreciates Best Friend Shelby on Thanksgiving Week

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On X Factor Tuesday, Drew Rynieswicz reminded everyone that having a best friend is the best feeling in the world. And so, as each contestant was told to give thanks for one particular person on Thanksgiving week, Drew happily picked Shelby.

These teens have been buddies since they were in the second grade together. As Drew put it, “I was the girl who cared about what everybody thinks. She wasn’t.” Then this phenomenal contestant said that Shelby simply told her to “just be Drew. And if they don’t like it then too bad.”

The besties not only seemed to compliment each other with their philosophies, but in all ways. A very proud Shelby was on hand to see her X Factor friend perform, sitting with Drew’s folks when their daughter sang a favorite song the teens share: Skyscraper by Demi Lovato.

This X Factor performance was superb. Drew stepped on stage alone which was a change of pace for the evening. Owning her temporary domain, Drew proved she has a voice that draws you in and makes you really feel her emotion. While wearing brown leather (or pleather?) pants and a blue shirt, her blond hair in long, loose curls, this contender’s delivery was simply lovely as she dedicated the tune to anyone who has ever felt “worthless.”

Over 30s mentor Nicole Scherzinger told this X Factor star, “You are a beautiful girl. I am glad you dedicated this to such a special friend. I think you rocked it this week.”

As for Paula Abdul, the mentor for the Groups, she said, “I love when the tempo picked up because that’s when I felt like you really got into [the song].

Sadly, Boys mentor LA Reid thought the song, originally sung by a 19-year-old, was too old for this 15-year-old. Paula made sure to tell LA who originated the number and then Simon Cowell, Drew’s mentor really rammed a ream of words at Reid, saying that what he criticized was “unfounded” and “inaccurate.” Not able to stop with the name calling, Cowell said to LA, “You are talking complete and utter rubbish.”

But this isn’t surprising on X Factor USA, especially when it comes Cowell and Reid and especially when it comes to Drew Rynieswicz. She is totally a frontrunner in this $5 million dollar competition, and Reid is just sour grapes about the fact that Cowell was allowed to mentor such talent.

With that being said, did you enjoy X Factor USA last night? Are you a Drew Rynieswicz fan? Did you vote for her? Will you be watching the results show tonight? Thoughts? Thanks.

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