‘X Factor’ USA Recap – Rachel Crow Gives Thanks for Thanksgiving

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On X Factor USA Tuesday, Rachel Crow did what all good girls do: They give thanks to their parents on Thanksgiving week. But this teen contestant has a special reason for such a heartfelt message on national television because her mom and dad adopted Crow when she was a baby, born dependent on crack cocaine. This Colorado talent spoke of all the sacrifices her parents have made in order to raise her.

For the dedication, Rachel sang I Believe by Yolanda Adams. She was up on the X Factor stage in all her glory, a tiny person with a huge voice and an even bigger heart. Crow wore an age appropriate outfit of a floor length plaid skirt and a white long-sleeved shirt accented by a panel of black sequins.

A choir flanked her, all the members donning all white so that the star of this X Factor show was clearly Rachel Crow. There was no doubt that this little girl hit all the high notes and that she greatly affected the audience so critically that all stood and cheered for the tiny talent who just belted out her best song yet.

LA Reid said, “You shut me down. I really loved it,” after the Rachel Crow performance while Nicole Scherzinger said, “You have made a believer out of me…You are such an inspiration to so many people…You are such a bright light.”

And Paula Abdul called Rachel “an angle on earth.” Abdul told Crow she opened the show with vocals that were “spot on.” The X Factor judge also said Rachel looked “adorable.”

As for mentor Simon Cowell, well even the king of mean was cheerful, saying that when he first met Rachel Crow he was glad the X Factor USA had dropped the age limit down to include young teens. And then Rachel Crow told Cowell, “Thank you Simon. I love you.”

With all that said, do you agree with the X Factor USA crowd tonight? Did you watch Rachel Crow on the hit Fox television show? Do you think this tiny contestant with the big voice will continue on with the show after tomorrow night when two acts will be eliminated? Thoughts? Thanks.

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