X Factor USA Recap – Who Was Voted Off on November 3, 2011?

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On Wednesday, 12 X Factor contestants performed for the right to move forward and toward the win of a whopping five million dollars. But now, after the first elimination in this phase of the competition, there are 11 left.

But there’s no need to hurry by giving away the ultimate results that happened at the end of Thursday’s show. This is also a good time to stop reading if you haven’t yet seen X Factor USA tonight or if you simply don’t want to know who did stay and who did go.

OK, then.

The evening of November 3, 2011 started out like a love fest when the mentors and their acts came out on stage together. Simon Cowell stood proud with Rachel Crow, Melanie Amaro and Drew while Paula Abdul was flanked by the groups: Lakoda Rayne, The Stereo Hogzz and InTENsity.

As for X Factor USA judge Nicole Scherzinger, well she was joined by the older contestants (that would be singers in the competition who are older than 30), among them LeRoy Bell, Josh Krajcik, and Stacy Francis. And finally, LA Reid was on hand with Chris Rene, Astro, and Marcus Canty.

At that point, host Steve Jones told 10 acts who would be able to sing again next week on X Factor USA. Then he announced which two acts had earned the least number of viewer votes and would therefore need to sing for their lives. Well, at least sing for their lives on this TV talent show. At the end of this nerve-wracking sing-off, one act would stay and one act would go.

Both contestants came from Paula’s people: Groups Stereo Hoggz and InTENsity.

And so the battle began with Stereo Hogzz taking on “Emotions,” the Bee Gees anthem everyone hummed in the 1970s which also became a Destiny’s Child hit in another era. And then, the young kids called InTENsity who make up a group of 10 (and who were former soloists on X Factor before being put into a kind of insta-group in order to have another chance to stay in this particular competition) were up. These enthusiastic youngsters did a rendition of the Kelly Clarkson song, “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

At that point, it was up to the judges to decide what group would be saved and what group would have to go home at this stage of the competition. Talk about intense.

Judge Simon Cowell wanted to let the R&B band Stereo Hogzz go. This X Factor arbiter thought these guys had been “the weakest” of the 12 on Wednesday.

But Paula disagreed, yet again, with her former American Idol colleague. So did Nicole Scherzinger and LA Reid, which meant that the Hogzz would have another chance on X Factor to prove their prowess, and the kids from InTENsity would have to be content to have made it this far on the TV talent show. It was a sad moment (some members of InTENsity shed some tears as did some fans in the house) but it was inevitable as this is how this kind of show works.

So, with that being said, on the X Factor results show for the final 12, do you think the voters got it right? How about the judges? Do you agree with Simon Cowell or the rest of the critics about who was sent home on November 3, 2011? Thoughts? Thanks.

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