‘X Factor’ USA Results: Who Will Be Voted Off on 11/29/2012?

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The X Factor results show is sure to be a bittersweet event for fans and cast alike when two of the final eight contestants are given the axe. But who will be voted off this hit TV talent show that airs on Fox when it airs tonight?

While that answer is not clear except perhaps to a clairvoyant at this point, speculations run rampant. One person who pundits and music pros alike seem to feel has come to end of her journey in the quest for a $5 million recording contract is CeCe Frey.

This songstress was all dolled up in appropriate attire that seemed a bit inappropriate and way too overdone for Wednesday’s performance of Lady Marmalade as she strutted around the stage in an attempt to overshadow or at least reinvent Christina Aguilera.

While this song was a good choice for CeCe since she and Xtina share that diva vibe, Simon Cowell still didn’t think her act was good enough for her to go on. In fact, he told the eager contestant to “pack a bag” because he believes she is going home tonight. LA Reid wasn’t thrilled, either.

As for Britney Spears? She thought CeCe had improved from previously weeks, while mentor Demi Lovato thought Frey was really on task and she seemed proud and confident about her charge.

Still, will CeCe Frey be voted off or at least be in the bottom two on Thursday? Most likely so, as will Vino Alan, so get set for these two to sweat it out for the next couple of hours as they join the others to wait and see who will be part of The X Factor USA’s double elimination.

That said, if you are still wondering who will be voted off on 11/29/2012 on this competitive TV talent show, please stay tuned.

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