‘X Factor’ USA Semifinals Results Recap – Did America Get It Right on 12/15/11

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The X Factor USA experienced the hot Fox program’s final elimination prior to the finale on Thursday, with the voters being the only deciding factor on who stayed and who was sent home at this crucial time on the TV talent show.

So did America get it right?

Depends on your musical tastes. But here’s how the whole process went down on the small screen:

First, all of the remaining four X Factor contestants performed for the opening, singing out a mash-up of No Diggity and Shout. This special gathering on the big stage was half fun and half hard to watch, especially given that rehearsal time was apparently quite short. It seemed as if Josh Krajcik wasn’t quite into the whole deal. In fact, while the others were rocking out, this vocalist simply did not. Out of your comfort zone, eh Josh?

Meanwhile, with complete confidence, Florence and the Machine took the stage a little later. The celebrated vocalists sang Spectrum to the delight of myriad fans of this stellar group from the UK.

Then it was that time on X Factor USA when at least a couple of contenders could finally breath freely as 2 of the 4 were told they were safe. The first told he would continue competing in the finals of this show imported from Britain was Chris Rene. And then, very quickly after that very important announcement, Melanie Amaro was also told she would join Chris.

That left Marcus Canty and Josh Krajcik (known as Burrito Josh) left to find out their fate. This bottom two position is one for which Marcus is familiar but that probably didn’t make the wait for the final announcement any easier.

And yet, there was, indeed, a wait, this time as X Factor USA judge Nicole Scherzinger put on her Nicole Scherzinger singer hat and mounted the stage to perform her new single called Pretty. And she was, decked out in her awards show worthy finest. Her performance, thank goodness, was not one that anyone had to vote on to keep her judging in the competition.

And so, after Steve the host gave Nicole the singer his blessing with a “bravo,” it was finally time to tell the world who would be competing next week on the same stage where Scherzinger sang. And that person was, sadly, Marcus Canty.

This X Factor was contestant was a terrific sport, even saying to the program’s host after the elimination was determined, “Why you looking sad, Steve?”

What a guy!

So, as the X Factor USA semifinals came to an end after the results were divulged, fans of the singer known as Marcus Canty—a guy who is at the very least a good singer who made it a long way in this harsh competition—want to know: Did America Get It Right on 12/15/11? What do you think?

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