‘X Factor’ USA Top 4 Recap – Melanie Amaro Hits up Mariah Carey on 12/14/11

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Four X Factor USA acts remain, but only three will go on to the finals next week. Melanie Amaro should be one of those three if the voting goes right on Thursday since, at this point, only America’s vote will count regarding who goes and who stays on this very competitive TV talent show.

With two tunes to try to gain those necessary votes, contestant Melanie Amaro started with the Pepsi challenge offering given to her by the show’s viewers. This song, Hero by Mariah Carey, was a huge challenge, that’s for sure. The vocals are staggeringly difficult.

But that challenge was no big deal for this X Factor USA diva and the only girl left in the competition. Melanie Amaro took the stage wearing an on point, off-the-shoulder black gown looking amazing. At the same time, she was surrounded by dry ice colored red for added atmosphere.

And so, with the right costume and the stage set, Amaro crooned the song with total confidence while standing at a lone mic, hitting the high notes with ease. This performance was so mesmerizing there was silence in the audience during most of the act, with only intermittent screams to show how much the X Factor fans appreciated what was being offered in their presence.

LA Reid spoke to Melanie, saying “that was really, really good.” He was concerned that “he didn’t feel her usual compassion,” but then added that, nevertheless, “you did take it there.”

Nicole Scherzinger came to the rescue, saying, “I loved that America chose this song for you. I love the message… and it is perfect and fitting for this song. We all knew that you had this talent.” And then, overcome by the performance, this gushing judge added, “You have your own power and your own strength… You are liberating to all of us.”

As for Abdul, before Paula offered her review, she told this celebrated singer that she had invited the writer of the song, Walter Afanasieff, to watch Melanie sing Hero.

After that, Paula explained how thrilled she is with this beautiful singer’s beautiful voice. However, she had to admit she wasn’t thrilled with the arrangement, noting that in changing this iconic tune from the original, the chords were switched from major to minor, making the Hero seem somewhat somber. Still, Abdul remains an Amaro fan.

Meanwhile, Simon Cowell, Melanie’s mentor, countered with the comment, “That is what you call putting your stamp on a song.” And then he added, “That was bloody fantastic.”

With that being said by Simon, do you agree? Was this X Factor contestant “bloody fantastic?” Do you think Melanie Amaro can win this very ardent TV talent competition? Thoughts?

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