‘X Factor’ USA Top 5 Recap – Melanie Amaro Takes on Adele with ‘Someone Like You’

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On The X Factor USA Wednesday, Melanie Amaro took on two very different tunes, putting everything on the stage with both numbers.

This blossoming contestant, coming into the top five as one of the frontrunners, confessed that the first song—a dance track version of Someone Like You by Adele—was going to be challenging.

Although the assignment for this soulful X Factor singer seemed daunting, her delivery did not belie any fear whatsoever. Showing up looking like she had just experienced a hipster makeover, Melanie Amaro illustrated complete confidence as laser lights danced around in a constant display that dazzled like fireworks.

Meanwhile, this adept singer was accompanied by dancers who resembled characters fresh from the central casting of Star Wars, armor and all.

No surprise that Amaro pulled off what could have been a tricky assignment. And she was duly rewarded by the X Factor judges right after this belter finished with as much gusto as is typical of the talent that is Melanie Amaro.

LA Reid told her, “That was really good.” And then, as if to fake her out and get Simon riled for a second, the accomplished record executive said, “The only thing that bothered me about it was that it was…. really good. Congratulations.”

Meanwhile, Nicole Scherzinger told Melanie Amaro that the Adele song choice was a real “risk” but that she “looked and sounded like the rock star [she was] tonight.”

As for X Factor judge Paula Abdul? She told Amaro that her performance “was a great way to open up the show.” Paula’s only complaint? “It was too short,” said Abdul with a twinkle in her eye.

Meanwhile, mentor Simon Cowell pointed out that Melanie’s performance showed her “confidence.” He told her, “You sounded like a diva.” And yes, that was a huge compliment from Mister Cowell.

With that being said, what did you think of X Factor USA on Wednesday? Did you like Melanie Amaro when she took on Adele with Someone Like You for her first song of the evening? Do you think she could win this competition? Thoughts? Thanks.

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