X Factor’s Frankie Cocozza Reveals He Wants Pixie Lott

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Singer Pixie Lott may already have a boyfriend in model Oliver Cheshire, but that doesn’t stop X-Factor bad boy Frankie Cocozza from wanting to get with her anyway. The X-Factor contestant told Now Magazine that Pixie Lott is his ideal woman, despite the fact that he has the names of seven women with whom he had romantic trysts with over a summer holiday tattooed across his rear end. Cocozza revealed this during his X-Factor audition, which has garnered him a reputation of somewhat of a ladies’ man. Pixie Lott offered no comment or thanks for the flattery on the subject.

Frankie Cocozza may have earned himself a reputation of a ladies’ man, but it seems it will take a lot to impress Lott, who’s already in a relationship with a fairly dreamy male model. The famous singer likely has bigger fish to fry than some random X-Factor contestant with his actual bedpost notches permanently affixed to his body.

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