‘X-Factor’s’ Nicole Scherzinger Gets Naked

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Nicole Scherzinger didn’t leave much to the imagination as a Pussycat Doll. She also embraced the skimpy costumes of Dancing With the Stars. However, the X-Factor judge has set a new standard by barring her backside for what is quickly becoming a very famous coffee table book.

To be fair, the brunette beauty isn’t the only Hollywood babe to let it all hang out for the publication in question. The nearly 250 page book entitled Culo by Mazzucco is full of beautiful behinds including that of Lady Gaga and Scherzinger. No wonder Sean “Diddy” Combs got involved with the project.

However, the publication is tastefully done to highlight the beauty of the female derrière. Nicole Scherzinger’s shot includes some strategically placed henna tattoos and Hawaiian flowers. She looks every bit like a goddess caught out in the wild. The use of sepia tone adds to the artistic cause of the already beautiful photo seen here.

If one is going to do a nude, clearly this is the way to do it; with class and just a touch of sass. The book isn’t a Playboy attempt and thus achieves a truly artistic work of art. Say what you will about Nicole Scherzinger, she looks beautiful in the shot.

What do you think of Nicole Scherzinger’s picture? Does she have that elusive X-Factor on film?

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