‘X-Men’s’ James Marsden and Lisa Linde File Divorce – Cheating Scandal Again?

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“X-Men” star James Marsden and his lovely wife of 11 years, Lisa Linde, are getting divorced. But why? Recent reports indicate that it was Linde that filed for divorce on Marsden, citing “irreconcilable difference” on September 23rd via court papers. Don’t you get tired of hearing this sorry excuse for ending a marriage?

There is a reason James and Lisa decided to call it quits. After all, they were married a long time in the celebrity world. Linde appears to be requesting joint custody of their children, Jack and Mary.

It is the children that suffer in the divorce. Why do celebrities even bother with the institution of marriage? It rarely lasts in Hollyweird.

It was quite obvious that the “X-Men” star was not suffering one bit after his wife filed for divorce, because James Marsden was seen living the high life and have a good ‘ole time. Hmm?

Marsden was spotted at the Papaya King hot dog shop at just after four in the morning in New York. He was spotted singing at the top of his lungs, “Very Superstitious” with some guy friends.

Sounds like he was having a great time. But where was his precious family? Undoubtedly, his wife, Linde, and children were at home grieving the loss of their husband and father.

A representative for the Marsden and his wife stated the pat statement: “This was a mutual decision. They are committed to raising their kids together and remain great friends.”

Really? Have you ever seen a representative state that the couple is not committed to raising their kids together? Naturally, there is speculation that James Marsden was cheating on his wife, but at this point, it remains to be seen.

Why do you think that Marsden and Linde are divorcing? Do you buy the “mutual decision” statement about the couple’s divorce?

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