Xerostomia? No, But I Have Cotton Mouth

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Do you suffer from Xerostomia? In layman’s terms, Xerostomia is also known as cotton mouth or merely dry mouth. Xerostomia can be caused by numerous different things, including chemotherapy or other medications, smoking (cigarettes, cigars, and weed), and a  systemic lack of saliva production. Xerostomia is also common in Methamphetamine users, prompting the term “Meth mouth” to come into being. That term alone would prohibit me from even trying Meth. How about you?

Common drugs which cause Xerostomia include antidepressants, amphetamines, antihistamines and cannabis(marijuana). There are a few diseases which cause Xaerostomia as well, such as Diabetes, if it is poorly controlled, and Eaton-Lambert Syndrome, an auto-immune disorder.

There is no known cure for Xerostomia, however treatment is available in synthetic saliva substitutes and dietary means. If you suffer from Xerostomia, drink more sugar free liquids, avoid decongestants and antihistamines, chew gum made with Xylitol, a sugar alcohol and substitute.Name brands of Xylitol gum include Trident and Ice Breakers.

Writing that actually made me a sufferer…Off to get a drink.

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