Yankees Mariano Rivera tells Joe West to move on

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One day after umpire Joe West fired against the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox for taking too long, pitching veteran Mariano Rivera, the Yankees closer had a few words for him.

Rivera told the New York Post:

“If he has places to go, let him do something else. What does he want us (the players) to do, swing at balls? … We don’t want to play four-hour games, but that’s what it takes. We respect and love the fans and do what we have to do, and that’s play our game.”

Rivera is 100 percent right on this matter. Yankees and Red Sox games take four hours  nearly every time they play. But, when I go to work, I’m there for eight.

What else do Joe West and the umpires need to do? This is their job and they get paid really, really good money to do it. They work for fours hours a day and make upwards of $200K. And, they are often wrong.

I don’t many jobs outside of sports that allows that to happen.

The umpires need to enjoy their job, lose weight (then standing around for four hours wouldn’t be a problem) and realize the players aren’t there for them. They are their for the fans.

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