Yara (Illusions) Part 1

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Yara   (Illusions) part 1

Each word comes across swiftly cutting through a labyrinth of Silence

Wrapping my senses with a laughter of chronic suspicions

Delirious and incoherent I place sweating tears of desolation in front a freight train

Fear walks around a circle of fire denouncing the light

Instantly she looks back at the curve of my eyelids and smile, tender dreams of


One thing we cannot escape love at first sight, some said it’s nearly impossible

To get hit by cupid on straight arrow, hold on and mount the cloudy night

Undressing each layer inside the moonlight with Facial expressions telling the story

of us,  the rain approaches with crystal love Hidden inside her veins

An overwhelming unsatisfacion follows me through twilight

Forcing my illusions to ride a wave underneath the ocean floor

Relinquishing her last breath too the horizon

As reality get’s close to the abyss

The trumpets sound the ritual of love making for the last time

Bringing forth you and me on a cloud through heaven…


Rony Joseph all rights reserved 2009




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