Yard Sale to Pay for Medical Bills Shut Down by Salem, Oregon (Video)

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Salem, Oregon has shut down the yard sale of a woman trying to pay her medical bills. The woman, Jan Cline, was apparently violating a law that states residents in their town may only have three yard sales a year. Cline had been having weekly yard sales for a few weeks. Salem officials state that the law was necessary because some residents may open up shops on their lawn without it.

Up until recently, Cline was able to support herself and pay her bills. She was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and as her condition worsened, Jan was unable to continue working normally. Thus, she turned to a weekly yard sale that did bring in some money to help her pay for her medical bills. However, that all changed once when a neighbor reported her to the city.

City officials merely stated to Cline, “…’I’m sorry. Rules are rules.'”

Sadly, even a dying woman just trying to pay off her medical bills by holding a weekly yard sale on her own property is not immune to the law. Rules are rules, and for one to be an exception would make all want to break it. However, the truth is there should be exceptions. There should always be exceptions! To shut down the only means of income from someone to pay for their medical bills, no less, just seems horrible. But, what’s your stance on this?

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