Yeah: The Apprentice is Back With No Celebrities – Real Contestants and Donald Trump

Tonight, I got my snacks ready early and put a Dr. Pepper in the freezer so it would be just a little slushy. I was ready at 9 p.m. for the return of one of my all-time favorite shows: The Apprentice. And this season, the Donald returned to his roots, or even better. No celebrities. Real, hardcore wannabes (or could have beens if not for the recession) compete in the 13-week job application…with the ultimate prize being a six-figure job working with Trump. Some other good prizes along the way are one-on-one meetings/networking opportunities with America’s leading business leaders.

In case you missed the ending, Nicole went home.

I was happy to see the girl go home tonight. Don’t think she was hungry enough…and this group is very hungry. One guy has gone from a six-figure income a few years ago to almost nothing. He was shown filing his unemployment claim via telephone on the show. Another had been laid of three times in six years, was trying to feed five kids and lost his marriage along the way. Winning the show and finding a good job could mean reuniting his family. Another girl graduated with a law degree and is now living with her parents doing odd jobs. A mechanical engineer is driving a tow truck. Makes me thankful to still have my job. I’ve never made the salaries these guys have…reminds me of the cliche, “the higher they rise, the harder the fall” I guess the richer you are the more you can lose.

I like this group of contestants, mainly because they’re honest about their situation and they’re hungry. A few are immature and it shows – painfully. Their backgrounds are varied…a few veterans, a former Olympic synchronized swimmer, lots of runners (or at least that’s what they say). Should be a good season with so many different backgrounds. My early favorites? Gene and Tyranny. Both survived tough weeks and showed they’re not going to blend into the woodwork. Reminds me of my favorite candidates – Kendra and Kelly from seasons two and three.

Anyone else want to make a prediction?

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