Yellow Shoes

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I was walking along Queen Street on a lunch break. Maybe there was music playing at a nearby shop, or maybe the music was in fact in my head, I don't remember clearly anymore, or it may as well be the case that there was no music and I simply gave in to the hum drum of the crowd. The fact remains that I walked and kept walking. It rained earlier, and the wind still carried certain moisture with it. Not that I noticed any of it, or at least not consciously.  I was hungry and looked for a suitable place to buy lunch.  That is when a woman dressed in black caught my eyes.  She wore yellow high hills and walked a semi cat walk. All I could concentrate on were those shoes. Yellow shoes clicking past the shops and other less worthy feet. This scene seems significant to me somehow. Perhaps one of these days I will know why so.

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love to live and am very curious about life in general. This makes me want to connect with my surroundings. I take every day as it comes and nothing feels ordinary to me.

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