Yes It’s True: Tiger Woods Has Quit Golf…For Now

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Despite the rumors that had been circulating all week that this was in the works, I think everyone was a bit surprised last night when Tiger Woods put a statement up on his website letting fans know that he is quitting golf, for now. Tiger is taking an “indefinite break from golf” to deal with the fallout of his “infidelity” (yes he finally used the real word to describe what’s been going on).

My reaction to Tigers Statement (which you can read in full here) was frankly a little bit of shock. What’s been going on is no doubt a PR nightmare but he did not do anything illegal (let’s assume the escort stories prove false) and he is one of the world’s greatest athletes. Shouldn’t he get back on the green ASAP and win a major so everyone can remember what he should be most famous for?

The rumor all week was that he would be announcing a leave of absence based on pressure from wife Elin Nordegren that as a condition for remaining in the marriage, Tiger give up golf and focus on his family. But can they really repair their family after this? After multiple mistresses have come forward (I don’t believe all of them but let’s assume at least 3-5 are true) isn’t it fair to assume Tiger doesn’t really even want to be married. Is he being pressured to work things out for his image?

If Tiger had slept with 1-2 people, I think his marriage and “family man” image might have had a chance of repair but I’m thinking at this point that he should just get a divorce as soon as possible and then go on Oprah to talk about all the pressures he faced to be perfect which led him down a stifling path into a life he didn’t want etc. etc.

That’s just my two cents though…

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