Yes, She had to say White Working Class

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Now pandering to the SUPER-Delegates, or should I say Elitists, Hillary Clinton says Barack Obama cannot carry the WHITE working class. No, she couldn't just say Blue Collar workers, or simply say "working class" or name a few large working class states, and why is that if not racist? It wasn't enough that her supporters said they would not vote for Obama, but now she has to go and emphasize color in the mix.










What is her problem? Who is voting for Obama anyway? It's not just Blacks, because he couldn't win on that percentage. He's ahead of her in votes. So who voted for him if not white working class?  They tell us the Elitists and Blacks voted for him. Huh? So how did he get ahead? Are there that many Elitists in the country? They call him Elitist and his mother was on food stamps while raising him.

I can see she just isn't finished with her nasty antics. But if the SUPER-Delgates give this nomination to her after Obama comes in with the most votes at the end of the race, then count me out of the Dem party altogether. I don't much care for the way you people run your primaries. I guess I'll have to become an island without a party, cause I can't do fifty more years of war with WarHorse McCain either. There are days when I just feel like the middle has nowhere to go. I hope my state does write-ins in the General Election.

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