Yesterday Was My Birthday!

Thats right, Yesterday was my birthday.

I turned 30 yesterday, and I feel old now.  -grin-

There was a lot of smoke in the city yesterday morning, so I woke up to a strange sun on my birthday.

It was a little overcast, because of a few clouds and all the smoke, but we decided to go to the beach.  It was sort of a last mintue thing, since my MIL was going.  Her sisters were supposed to be going too, but neither of them came, so it was just the 4 of us.

Parker is weird about sand, and didn’t want us to sit him in the sand.  I carried him and he laughed while we chased a gull around till it flew away, then I took him down to the water.

He laughed at the small waves breaking.  He laughed when I put him in the water at first (it was pretty warm) but when the water got a little higher and started going up his tummy he started crying.  He didn’t want any more of that.

Since he didn’t want to play in the water, and woul dnot sit in the sand, we lay out one of our beach towels for him, and tried to encourage him to play int he sand beside him with the beach toys.

He finally did play with the rake some, while his dad and I used the shovel to put sand in his bucket and made some sand castles around him, within his reach.

He did eventually reach out and start playing with the castles.  He wanted the shell I stuck on top of one, then he started taking the rake, and trying to knock them down.

Then he ran out of juice, and his cheeks were looking a little pink, and since he didn’t want to play in the water where it was cooler, we went back home.

Once home, he had lunch then refused to take a nap, so he and his dad went shopping for me for my birthday and I had an hour or two alone in the house, which was nice.

Unfortunately I started getting a headache, and by supper it was BAD.

They made me a double decker hamburger and put a candle in the top of it for me, but we forgot to take our camera, so there is no picture of it.

He did go get the camera before the cake was brought out.

Parker kept pointing at the lit candles and saying, “Hot!  Hot!” and he tried to help me blow them out.

There are only 3 candles, even though I turned 30.  She said she didn’t want to have to light 30 candles.  lol

After that I took a migrane pill, which made me feel even sicker than my headache made me feel!  I ended up laying down for a while and missing the rest of my birthday.

I ended up not getting any gifts other than cash.

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