Yet Another Added to Lindsay Lohan’s Hall of Shame (Pictures)

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Looks like the recession is still hitting some harder than others. And by “some” I really mean Lindsay Lohan!

Lohan was recently seen visiting the store Kitson in West Hollywood where the fallen starlet demanded she be given free stuff. After racking up a steep amount of $15,000 worth of jewelry at the popular boutique, she was dumbfounded to be receiving the bill. Or maybe she was just plain playing dumb (nah, she’s not THAT good of an actress).

Famed designer Pascal Mouawad, who was debuting his new watch line collaboration with Jermaine Durpi at Kitson, agreed to settle Miss Lohan’s nerves and offered her a $2000 credit. But of course that only added to her insult. She threw a hissy fit, worthy of only a true child movie star, and harassed Kitson employees until she finally gave in to the solid rebuff and left the store.

Oh sweet, simple Lindsay. What are we going to do with you?

She seems to be living in an entirely different world than you and I. You see, we live in a world where we work, earn money, have responsibilities, and by golly we actually pay for stuff. Not Lindsay, no way. In Lindsay Land, she can shop all she wants and pretend that she didn’t get a bill. Hey, maybe on her next shopping spree she’ll be more creative and bring in Monopoly money!

Let us today officially acknowledge Lindsay Lohan’s true state, apart from what she may believe. These aren’t fashion statements, people! This is a woman years out of work, doing her best with what she has left….
































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