Yo, It’s Lady Gaga’s Sexual Harassment PSA from the 1990s (Video)

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Proving that even Lady Gaga was not immune from tragic 1990s fashion is a newly-excavated PSA the then-struggling actress, still named Stefani Germanotta, filmed about sexual harassment (the spot’s against it, btw).

The PSA is from Sunburst Visual Media, and is entitled “Real People: Sexual Harassment – What You Can Do.” Featuring a groove-a-licious hippity-hop musical intro (dig them scratches!), the spot quickly shifts to the kind of somber piano theme that always lets viewers know that the time for breakdancin’ and such is over ’cause we’re about to get all serious ‘n’ stuff, yo.

LaGa is not the freckle-faced redhead who oddly narrates most of the spot while smiling, but instead shows up in a dramatic reenactment of what it’s like to be sexually harassed at school — by one of those nogoodniks who sport frosted tips. Kids today!

Actually it’s a serious subject dealt with in a relatively serious manner. Just, you know, with a soon-to-be global superstar stuck somewhere in the middle of it.

Enjoy the little monsters:

(Photo: Blogvedete.)

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