Yolanda Foster Blogs About Kim Missing Her Meeting and Taylor’s Drinking Habits

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Yolanda Foster had plenty to say in her blog for this week’s episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The newest ‘Wife to join the cast has gotten to know the ladies, and while she seemed to hit it off with Kim Richards right away, things between them seemed to have soured, but Yolanda’s ill thoughts about Taylor haven’t changed.

“I really pushed for Kim to come over, but unfortunately that never happened. I have no idea why she doesn’t remember planning our day together, but hopefully we can still do it some other time when she is ready to commit,” Yolanda wrote in her blog. “Commitment seems to be a reoccurring problem with Kim.” And that’s not Kim’s only problem. She also is making it a habit to take on the role as the stirrer of the pot which is something Yolanda has noticed. “Kim has a knack for bringing up ultra-sensitive issues at inappropriate times,” she said, noting that once again, Brandi was being attacked by someone because of something Kim had said.

Kim isn’t the only one that was less than impressive to Yolanda. “Taylor. . .really? Please stop drinking — it makes you aggressive and it’s so unattractive,” she writes. “I am concerned that she has not taken enough time to properly mourn the death of her husband. The alcohol only adds poison to her open wounds.” Whatever the reason behind her drinking is, it’s a shame she can’t sort it out. If she can’t find out what the root of the problem is, she could really end up with a serious problem.

While Yolanda may not know everything about the Brandi/Adrienne feud, she did weigh in on the issue briefly, saying, “Adrienne is using her money to intimidate Brandi with a lawsuit because she does not have the chops or communication skills to work this out like normal people do.” Yolanda is right, this could have all been settled so much easier. It just doesn’t make sense that Adrienne would take it to the legal level that she did.

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