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Kate Gosselin knows lots about stretching a dollar—she has to with eight kids to feed and clothe. Now she’s sharing some of her more recent tips with her fans on her blog.

According to a report from Babble, Kate claims that these cuts in expenses are easy ones, and don’t really make her feel like the family is missing out on anything.

Kate Gosselin Kate swears by buying store-brand grocery items, saying they taste exactly like their more expensive name brand counterparts. She makes her coffee at home, which seriously limits exposure to Starbucks. She and the kids don’t go to movie theaters, but wait for films to come out on DVDs instead.

Making lunches for the eight Gosselin children saves the former Kate Plus Eight and Jon & Kate Plus 8 reality star big bucks, but those bucks can add up even if you only have one child. She also is an avid recylcer and believes in reusing items both she and the kids already have.

Can you put some of Kate Gosselin’s money-savings tips to good use? It would seem anyone trying to save a little money could save even more by enlisting these helpful hints.

You can check out the rest of Kate’s hints for saving money by visiting her CouponCabin blog.

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