You Cannot See When Consumed With Darkness (A Poem)

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You Cannot See When Consumed With Darkness

(A Poem)


Floating somewhere between hope and reality

Staring into a space they do not fully understand

Looking for answers that are held by the darkness

Following what makes them feel closest to making sense


What they hear is not always what is said

The presentation is often intentionally clouded

The truth is sometimes hidden in the process

What remains is often what is allowed to surface


Looking back to view how it once was

It is much like looking into a mirror of history

Surely those mistakes are lost with time

Yet, they seem to be finding their way back to us


Some seem to just wait with open arms

Unsure of what it is they are welcoming

Reaching for that which is not understood

Hoping that it will reveal what matches their desires


Darkness multiplies; the light seems to be vanishing

Many willingly depend upon others to guide them

Strangely, it seems that they never may consider

Those who lead them may very well be lost, themselves


Darkness is the ignorance of the light before them

Blindness seems to be a chosen course with some

Looking, but seeing only what they wish to see

With some, not seeing has nothing to do with vision


The mind, eyes, and ears work together as one

Often they are not synchronized and unite in battle

Comprehension is often based upon a confused intake

The mind and the senses work against them


Reaching deeper into our hopes and hearts

Looking for that hint of awakening as time advances

Our voices are silenced, we are mentally dismissed

Again the darkness pushes away their light


At times, we feel compelled to just stop trying

Setting aside the quest to free the light from above

But unwilling to allow the darkness to take hold

We move forward with new-found strength


Some never consider looking into the past

With their assumption that past darkness has vanished

Some of us use the past as a personal reference

To avoid what may come again as our future


The darkness of the past should not consume us

But “what was” is how lessons learned is even possible

Never should it be forgotten or dismissed with time

But held onto as a guide for avoidance of repetition


Looking into the future should not bring us fear

It would seem that our goals would be to progress

Yet we watch as many take us deeper into the darkness

And they claim that we are holding them back


To win a battle, you must understand the fight

To understand the fight, you must take a stance

To take a stance, you must have an understanding

To have an understanding, you must move from the darkness


Vic Damico 2014

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I am a registered Republican, although I am not too fond of either side of our political circus. Truth is not determined by which political party with which you may be associated. What is good is not determined by which political party with which you may

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