You know what… That makes me MAD!

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There is so much afoot in our daily lives that it is truly amazing that there isn't a rash of people taking themselves out of their misery. In my line of work I come across a broad sub-section of people and it never ceases to amaze me how some people seem to be totally destitute of any semblance of common sense whatsoever. It is no wonder considering who passes for "our leaders". It makes me think of a saying that my paternal grandmother had, "It starts at home and it spreads abroad." When growing up my Dad would always lay this quote on me and my brothers whenever we would cut up, often my Daddy would say this prior to his taking off his belt & delivering one of his world famous whuppins (not to be confused with whippings), always delivered on the day of the offense promptly before he left for work at 9:15PM. It never dawned on me how valid this saying is… It took me becoming a Dad no less to realize that "It starts at home and spreads abroad" was more than a homespun saying from off the top of Grandma's head. In short, if we don't start taking serious quality control of our most precious product, our democracy, children and etc; we are going to find ourselves in a world of trouble… As if we aren't knee deep in it already!


In short I often feel like the character Droopy from the Tom and Jerry cartoons, Droopy would just be taken advantage of, used, abused and all the while he was absorbing the indignities in silence… Until he would essentially say enough is enough… "You know what? THAT MAKES ME MAD!" He would say dryly before he would proceed to wipe the floor with the offending person(s). I hate to use a fictional character, a cartoon no less to frame the crux of this article, but I must. We as American citizens should feel like Droopy! Why aren't we outraged? Why aren't we energized with the realization that we have the power at our disposal to enact so much change, but instead of exploring the possibilities we fritter our time and energy away into trivial pursuits while the people that we elect to do our work, essentially thumb their noses at us. What do I mean by frittering our time away? Let's take the national infatuation with reality TV… All the while our reality is being taken to hell in a hand basket.


We have an impending election for the office of President of United States and rather hunkering down and using our due diligence and making sure that we make an educated decision on which person is elected as the next President, we seem content with letting "others" tell us who the frontrunners are. On the Democratic side I have a real problem with Hillary Clinton in that dynastic politics is something that the Founding Fathers fought tooth and nail to get away from. It really sickens me to think that if she were to be elected it would be the same two families running the country, our democracy mind you! For 14 years, if you can digest that idea and be at peace with it, I would really appreciate someone explaining the logic between that and why I shouldn't have the urge to vomit whenever I think about it. Why is it such a stretch that the candidates branded as second or third tier candidates can achieve the highest office of the land? I won't name any names, but much of what they say makes more sense than those who are given "Golden Child" status by the kingmakers? We people are the kingmakers or have we forgotten?


There is so much made of experience in this Presidential election, but we seem to forget that in 2000 and 2004 we elected a man, who failed at everything that he tried his hand at in his professional life, but in his defense he was smart enough to use his Daddy's name to bail himself out of those "Big Dummy" moments. If I could boil the decision that was made between the two candidates in 2000, we elected the guy who we would rather "have a beer with". What is needed in short is someone who can be a sponge as well as being a student of history, as history always repeats itself. If someone cannot express themselves clearly in verbal syntax, is it safe to assume that their decision making process going to be impeded in the same way? In that same vein, why don't we cast our vote for a candidate who has the best record of consistency, that in my opinion would be the best measure of a good Chief Executive, rather than having a host of morphing positions on a host of given issues.


Let me make you mad prompts


•(1)                  Earlier this week State Senator David Almond (R-NC) resigned from office abruptly amid accusations that he exposed himself to a female aide and chased her around the office yelling "Suck it baby, suck it!" The irony of it all is not that he resigned of his own accord, but he was the vice chairman of the Children, Youth and Families, ouch!


•(2)                  Testimony from former FBI director Robert Mueller suggests that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales may have perjured himself in front of Congress. Two days earlier, Alberto Gonzales had told the Senate Judiciary Committee that there was no conflict within the Justice Department about the NSA program and that all disagreements  were  about another unidentified intelligence program. At one point, Gonzales expressed surprise that Sen. Russ Feingold (D-WI), who also sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee and receives briefings about programs such as the TSP, would call his account into question. Ooops!


•(3)                  The rumblings of it sounded farfetched  when I first caught wind of it, but now I don't what to make of it…  The AP is reporting about new details surrounding the Pat Tillman case, the medical examiners expressed dismay about the close proximity of the bullet holes in Tillman's head as it didn't match up with described scenario. As a sidebar the Administration is claiming executive privledge in the Tillman case as well.


•(4)                  In the case of Rep. William Jefferson (D-La) whose home was raided by the Justice Department amid allegations that he was taking bribes, $90,000 was subsequently found in the freezer. It is interesting to note that he is still in Congress and the irony of this is that Republican leaders have expressed dismay about the execution of the warrant  by the Justice Department raising important Constitutional issues… That's funny because I thought that the wiretapping program raised important Constitutional issues… Imagine that!


Are you mad yet? If so, what are you going to do about it?


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