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Over at FactCheck they have looked at an ad about the stimulus bill, that is slated to run on CNN, Fox, CNBC, etc, that was produced by the Conservative American Issues Project that shows Charles Schumer saying “Let me say this, to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little tiny, yes, porky amendments – the American people really donÂ’t care.” It’s a classic example of how the right twists words and can make a silk purse out of a sows ear. When you see it, it is highly damning, but this is the rest of the story. Schumer said exactly what they say he did, but he said it, in context, in reference to the obstructionism of the Republicans in congress. Here’s the whole quote, in context:

“I wish to make one other point before I conclude. Many on the other side point to one little provision or another. They say, well, there is money for STD; there is money for the Mall. Well, we took those out, but make no mistake about it, if we took them out, they still werenÂ’t going to vote for the bill. They were excuses. Let me say this to all of the chattering class that so much focuses on those little tiny, yes, porky amendments. The American people donÂ’t care. The American people care far more that there is a proposal in the bill — this one I pushed — that gives a $2,500 credit to families who pay tuition to put their kids through college. Great relief. They care far more about that than about some small provision in the bill that shouldnÂ’t be there, because the tax relief from tuition costs they are going to get means far more to them. They care more about a provision that keeps the teachers in their schools. They care far more about the provisions that will build roads and bridges and employ people in their communities. So to all of us, particularly on my side, letÂ’s not fall for the bait. LetÂ’s not make this a bill that is mostly things such as refurbishing the Mall or sexually transmitted diseases which should be out of the bill. It is a bill about jobs. It is a bill about tax cuts to the middle class. It is a bill about infrastructure. The American people know that. They know they are hurting. They know we have reached out, and they know we have to act.”


Hmm, not so damning, in context, is it? For the whole article at factcheck, go HERE. The same group has one already running that is full of misinformation, and for the truth on that one, take a look HERE



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