You Thought I Was Exaggerating?

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Well, the Senate is on the verge of passing what is considered a hate crimes bill, S.909, and they refused to define what sexual orientation means so this will include 30 different types of sexual orientation, including pedophiles and those who have sex with whatever they choose!

You thought I was making a mountain out of a mole hill when I said that the hate crimes bill and other things that are giving sexually deviant behavior a special status.  Well, it's happening right before our eyes.  The Democrats obviously don't care about chilren or anyone who disagrees with their policies.  All they care about is getting their way.  They don't think about how this will impact the whole country.

So, since all of you who take homosexuality so lightly and don't think it can hurt our society, guess what, you're children will no longer be safe because a pedophile will be able to claim that you are committing a hate crime against them by not allowing them to do what they please.

I hope you are happy!

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