You Won’t See Ann Curry at the Democratic National Convention

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If you had hoped to see Ann Curry covering the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week, you’ll be disappointed. Her Today Show replacement Savannah Guthrie will cover the DNC instead. Matt Lauer covered the RNC last week and some viewers held out hope that Ann would cover at least some of this convention.

According to a report from RadarOnline, NBC’s news division claims there’s a method to their madness and to the reason behind not sending Ann to the DNC.

Ann Curry “The news division decided that Curry shouldn’t go to Charlotte because they want viewers to get a chance to get more comfortable with Savannah as the new face of the TODAY show family. Curry’s fans have been e-mailing the network and sending messages of support through social media, asking when she will be back on the air. She has only been on the air several times since she got fired, and the last time Ann was on the air was almost three weeks ago during a brief report she made from London for the Olympics,” a network insider says.

It certainly looks as though Ann is getting the shaft again after getting fired from The Today Show. She disappeared from viewers on daily morning TV and now she hasn’t shown up anywhere on the air for weeks. Where in the world is Ann Curry? Does Matt Lauer control every move the network makes with regard to Ann and her job?

“Ann recently signed a long-term deal with NBC News. Ann and her unit are working on several assignments and she remains a highly valued member of the news division…Her unit is working on several major projects for NBC News. Stay tuned,” a spokesperson for The Today Show says.

Are Ann’s projects underground? Has she gone into hiding?

The funny side is, that since Ann’s removal from her spot as Matt Lauer’s co-anchor, the show has significantly floundered in the ratings. When will someone at NBC catch on that perhaps the wrong move was, and continues to be made?

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