Young Boy Donated $1,000 to Neighbor Girl

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When Wyatt Erber won money from a scavenger hunt, he didn’t spend it on video games or toys. The 8-year-old instead donated $1,000 to his 2-year-old neighbor, Cara Kielty, who is fighting leukemia. His parents sure did raise that boy right.

Wyatt decided to enter the scavenger hunt a week after his mother, Noelle Erber, told him that Cara was diagnosed with cancer. He was so devastated by the news that he wanted to do anything he could to help. “Wyatt immediately said, ‘Let’s do it, and if I win the $1,000, I want to give it to Cara,'” Noelle said. “The idea of being able to give a thousand dollars wowed him.”

Cara’s mother, Trisha Kielty, was a bit hesitant at first to accept Wyatt’s donation. “I knew he was wanting to do it for Cara, which is the sweetest thing ever,” she said. “But an 8-year-old giving adults money? I tried to protest to his mom. Then she told me he asked how much chemo this would buy Cara. He gets it.”

Wyatt’s mother wasn’t the only person proud of him for his good deed. A local charity matched his gift to Cara and a man in Canada sent a letter to Wyatt telling him what a great thing he did, along with $100 to go towards Cara’s treatment.

Just when you think all young kids are selfish brats these days, one kid does something as selfless and kind as this. Cara’s parents will always remember what a wonderful thing he did for their daughter and will keep him in their hearts forever.

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