Young Buck on His Way to the Slammer

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Young Buck puts on the persona that it is cool to be illegal. Now, the rapper will see just how uncool losing his freedom is.

Back in 2010, Buck’s house was raided by the IRS and after the raid was over, charges for gun possession were filed. See, this rapper is already a convicted felon, so he is not allowed to own a gun.

Legal docs say that, “feds found a .40 caliber Glock 22 in Buck’s home along with ammunition.”

The rapper will be formally sentenced on July 13, 2012. Young Buck did plead guilty to the charges, so at least he is taking responsibility for breaking the law. Right now, it is being reported that he will receive 18 months in the slammer for this. Hopefully, once he is released, he will have learned his lesson and will not commit any more felonies. One would think that one is enough, but obviously not for this rapper.

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