You’re the Earth to my Obsessively Rotating Moon

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If I wanted to touch you would you pull away?
If I wanted to lay down on you and cry would you still call me the next day?
If I said that I loved you would you say it back?
Would you stay with me if love was something that I lacked?
Stay with me please


You are the voice to my musical
You are the Jesus to my miracle
You are the cure to my loneliness
You are the reason they created the word obsessed


If I said you were my best friend what would you say?
If I said you were the key to my happy, would you try to make me smile?

You steal a piece of my happy whenever you leave me
Whenever you leave me…

You are the sugar to my tea
You are the imagination to my mind
Please say that it’s mutual love that I have found

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