My friends, I originally penned the lyrics below late last summer (they've been revised since then) and some of you have already seen them but I am still looking for someone with music-writing skills that can assist me in the realization of a complete song.  So, once again, I give you:  (of course listening to the classic rock satellite this morning actually put me in the mood to share this again)


©Robert Charles Burnham


"Jeremiah was a bullfrog"

That was so long ago

My girlfriend's name was Lisa

I didn't worry 'bout my soul

Manfred Mann was coming

Sailing in across the waves

And those four downtrodden souls; from Liverpool

They gave us a rave


Matchstick Men on the corner

Selling them cheap tambourines

The music in my heart and head

Lord, was making the scene

Someone popped some acid

And Marilyn took her life

American Pie drove into a levy

And she sank like a knife


Old Tom, he rode on a rocket

And Johnny, he walked the line

And me and you and a dog named boo

We were feeling mighty fine

Then at some point in Ohio

Four rebels hit the ground

Lisa placed a flower in her hair

And was San Francisco bound


After USA lost a lonely war

And DC had thieves in the night

All I remember was the tracks of my tears

As I cried at such a sight

And although I truly expected

Uncle Billy never came back home

I remember they told me he was a hero

We should be proud he was our own


There's been a lot of music

coming at us through the years

But they'll never be another beat

That could alleviate all our fears

Yes I think the music saved us

When we were the precious few

Facing the turmoil of an age

Back there in the days of our youth





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My trade and I parted ways... I am now a Geography Major at UNC. And I am still a Christian Cowboy Werewolf Writer, Poet & Photographer.

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