Youtube Accounts Suspended Due to Suspicious DMCA Violations [Video]

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You may not be familiar with the world of Let’s Plays but they are an important niche on Youtube. Gamers help out their fellows by demonstrating game play tactics. Occasionally a company will file a DMCA violation but since the beginning of the popularity of Let’s Plays that has been a rarity.

Yesterday two of the most popular members of Let’s Plays have found their accounts suspended. A person or persons are claiming the rights to Nintendo’s content as well as Chuggaaconroy’s and Nintendo Capri Sun’s Voice.  These numerous claims are dubious because of the sheer number of claims. These individuals are also claiming rights to the individual commentary, the literal voices of these two men. At this time it is believed by the Let’s Play community to be a a group who purposely used a loophole in DMCA reporting to shut down the accounts.

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act an act that protects copyright holders. Youtube implements DMCA via a reporting mechanism. Anyone can claim to be the copyright holder and flag an account. After three DMCA strikes an account is suspended. Youtube doesn’t always have time to look through all these claims to check if they are valid and will suspend accounts without warning.  That is why the suspension of these accounts are suspicious. The great number in a brief period of time caused the source of the claims to be overlooked. It seems the person who filed the claims intended to take advantage of Youtube’s inability to check so the accounts would be suspended.

The situation is explained in further detail in the following video. You can also read more in this article that has been posted to Digg, “YouTubers Getting Suspended Due to False Copyright Claims”.

Do you believe these accounts were rightfully suspended? Does Youtube have a fair DMCA resolution system?

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