YouTube ‘Bed Intruder’ (Run Tell That) Star Antoine Dodson May Have His Ticket Out of the PJs [Video]

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YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson is moving his family out of the Lincoln Park projects after his Bed Intruder (Run Tell That) video went viral.  Antoine’s sister, Kelly, was attacked by a man who climbed through her window and tried to rape her.  Antoine heard his sister screaming and struggling with the man.  He ran in to find the man standing over Kelly with his hands around her neck. Antoine rescued his sister from the attack.

The next day he was interviewed on the local news in Alabama.  Within a week, the fired up Antoine was all over the Internet. The Gregory Brothers turned the interview into a song on YouTube’s AutoTune the News channel.  That song has made it to Billboard’s Hot 100 list.

So what happens to Antoine Dodson, his sister and the rest of his family now?  Well, Antoine’s no-nonsense (if a little flamboyant) warning to the perp and the community has possibly gotten him a one-way ticket to the big leagues and bought him his piece of the pie.  Many made fun of Antoine and his mannerisms and demeanor.  Some said the media was just once again mocking the lifestyle and people of the ghetto.  Others said Antoine’s colorful commentary overshadowed the real serious situation of his sister surviving an attempted rape and the underlying social factors related to that.

However, right now we can see the positive side of this story.  Kelly’s brother came in to protect his sister.  Then he went on to further defend her on the news.  What could have been a tragedy turned into a tremendous opportunity for Antoine and his family.  Now Antoine has been getting calls from lawyers and agents. The Gregory Brothers agreed to split the proceeds of the Bed Intruder video 50/50 with Antoine.  There is even talk of merchandising deals.

Langston Hughes said we laugh sometimes to keep from crying.  What looks hilarious at first glance often contains a deeper message.  Antoine’s “Hide yo kids” statement points to the condition and plight of his community.  Antoine Dodson, who is a rape survivor himself, says he wants to be a voice for people who have had their cases ignored because they might be poor and live in the ghetto.  He has even set up a Facebook page.  Looks like this incident has sparked a fire in Antoine.  Hopefully, it will take him far.  Maybe he can go into law enforcement or politics.

Source: AOL Black Voices

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