Youtube Gives Users Five More Minutes

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If you are a fan of sharing your latest video creations to Youtube, there is some good news for you today. Youtube has finally heard and followed upon the request to extend video time limits on uploads to the service for general users. This was something users had been waiting on for quite some time, but Youtube focused on improving the site as a whole before following through.

The announcement by Youtube was made on Thursday via their blog, and it stated that the new video time limit is now fifteen minutes. This is five minutes more than the ten minute upload time that has been in place up to this point. This only effects general users. Users with special accounts through Youtube will continue on with no time limits on their video uploads.

To help celebrate the new video time limit, Youtube is now holding a contest called 15 Minutes Of Fame. Users have until August 4th to upload a fifteen minute long video featuring them and their thoughts. The best videos submitted will be featured on the Youtube homepage in the future.

A new era for Youtube is underway! What do you think of these new changes to the video social media website? For more  tech news, go here.

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