Y&R: Sharon, Nick, Adam and Victor

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Viewers of soap operas who are fans of The Young and the Restless (Y&R) have commented on a rumor that Victor Newman, Sharon Newman’s ex father-in-law had intentions of proposing to her. The news didn’t sit well with most fans who felt it was a total turn off that Victor would even consider this move given the fact that Sharon is the mother of his grandchildren and in addition, married to both of his sons in the past. The rumor/spoiler was too improbable for words, but–it happened this past Friday and fans actually saw Sharon accept a ring from Victor–just to try it on for size. Take a look at this CBS video clip from Friday’s show.

Some say Victor is attempting to protect Sharon from his son Adam, but that theory doesn’t hold water with others. Victor has some grand plan in mind to bring Adam down, but why is he using Sharon as the pawn she’s become for Victor’s head games? Victor is also now incarcerated for the murder of Diane Jenkins and actually proposed to Sharon from his cell. When Sharon spent time in prison for allegedly murdering Skye Newman, Adam proposed to her while she was behind bars only to let her down at the last-minute. Sharon seems determined to be a prison bride no matter what. This is so Y&R when it comes to the writing.

It was ridiculous to watch the old goat Victor Newman telling Sharon she deserves better than Adam only to propose to her himself. It was ridiculous for Sharon who seems to have only two functional brain cells left to accept that ring and try it on for size. It was insane for her to pull a restraining order on Adam at Nick’s request but have sex with him about 24 hours before the terms of that order were in force. Sharon is one damaged and confused woman. What happened to the stong women on Y&R?

Sharon should have turned Victor down. When she put her signature on that restraining order against Adam, she shouldn’t have invited him to her bed before the order was valid. Sharon should be clinging to her daughter Faith about now without hesitation. She should finally learn something about the sacrifice it takes to be a mother in this world.

Y&R should just give viewers a break.

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